February, 2020

Jensen`s Food Lab to partner with Beyond Meat for plant-based Burgers.


Danish Swiss Burger Joint Jensen`s Food Lab, a marketer of specialty pre-prepared, danish Burger & Hot Dog, has entered into a partnership with Beyond Meat. JFL is introducing a new line of fully vegi & vegan Burger using Beyond Meat’s plant-based Beyond Beef.

JFL`s customers nationwide will have the opportunity to experienceplant-based ground meat, that delivers on the versatility, meaty texture and juiciness of ground beef, while enjoying the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating plant-based protein products. 

JFL expects to begin introducing the new line in several Shops throughout Switzerland beginning immediately. 

“Plant-based meat is one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry, and Beyond Meat is leading the revolution,” said Marloes Tjalsma, Director of Quality & Retail of Jensen`s Food Lab.

“Beyond Beef was the perfect choice for our new Burgers as it offers the same juicy, meaty texture as beef, with the benefits of plant-based proteins. Our partnership will expand our current line of healthy products and enable us to penetrate new markets with customers looking to expand their protein options.”