Pre + post opening

We plan and execute the full opening on site including financial planning, FF&E and OS&E, IT infrastructure, e-commerce and revenue management roll-out, operational purchase contracting, legal, testing & commissioning, communication between authorities, owning company and hotel operator. Furthermore we assist/ensure recruitment of general manager & director of sales & marketing, revenue manager, director of rooms, chief engineer and director of human resources. 

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Due Diligence

Area review, site analysis, supply and demand, market key issues, projected demand profile, cash flow and financial projections.

Hotel management company selection and contract negotiations


Secure a hotel management company that optimises investment returns and underlying asset value, key commercial contract terms and negotiation of contract on behalf of owners.

Hotel management 

Managing properties under management/franchise agreement.


Through our network of clients, investors, institutional funds and investment brokerage firms, we can act as an effective liaison between our clients and potential funding sources.

Pre-Construction Beratung